left borderright borderThe Hung Gar system  incorporates the five animals of Shaolin – tiger, white crane, dragon, leopard, and snake. Each animal has a particular characteristic of defense and attack, which has been included within the Hung Gar system.

tigerTIGER: Known for its powerful claws and great external strength and agility. The strength comes from a twisting of the body and using the ground to develop powerful blows and kicks. Tiger training helps develop strength in the bones, joints and tendons, and strengthen the back and spine.

craneCRANE: The crane is a very patient animal. It’s ability to stand on one leg for many hours is testament to its concentration and focus. Its ability to defeat an opponent comes from its ability to hook the opponents blows, divert them and strike. Crane training is excellent for developing the fingers, arms and legs.

leopardLEOPARD: The leopard combines speed and agile footwork to overcome its opponents, using a combination of short and fast powerful strikes. The leopard’s footwork will develop good balance and quick reaction time.

snakeSNAKE: The snake derives its power from coiling its body and then striking with great speed from a relaxed state using its soft internal power. Snake training helps to develop relaxation, speed and finger tips and palms for strikes to specific targeted points.

dragonDRAGON: The legendary dragon symbolizes grace, beauty and power, with fluid-like and circular movements. Using it’s claw to grab and hold it can deliver a blow to another part of the body, or use its own body to produce great power by leveraging on an opponents joints. Dragon training will develop internal strength as well as smooth fluid like movements.