left borderThe energy to which I refer is the fundamental basis of Chinese medicine, and is often described inright border English texts by many different terms, such as Chi, Ki, Qi, Life Force, Spirit, Energy.I choose to use the terms Chi (in Mandarin) or Hei (in Cantonese), and have described it at great length in my books on Chinese medicine.Chinese thought perceives things on a functional level. Therefore to understand the concept of Chi, one needs to appreciate all of its functions.Chi has many different functions and forms, and one notable author Dr. Manfred Porkert described some thirty two different types of Chi in detail in his book “The Theoretical Foundation of Chinese Medicine”.

Through proper exercises, breathing, balance, focus, concentration and spirit, the active combination of this Chi with the martial arts is made possible, and is an important part of the Hung Gar system training. In turn, the training and practice of Hung Gar serves to nourish the Chi and promote health.

The advanced level of training in Hung Gar teaches more of the internal energy or Chi concepts, although from the very beginning it is emphasized and introduced. It is often not until after some considerable time that many students begin to appreciate the usefulness and capability to understand and utilise the concept of Chi.

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